About Divana Jewelry

Divana Jewelry, with designer Vered Lavi as its creative head, has become one of the world’s fastest growing names in fashion jewelry. Our designs combine class with chic modernity that’s built with quality materials that are made to last. All of our creations inlay an extraordinary palette of authentic Swarovski® crystals with your choice of rhodium, 14 karat rose, or yellow gold.

Established 2002 in the all-Canadian city of Maple, our story began in the stalls of small time tradeshows. 16 years later our studio – based just north of Toronto in Concord, Ontario – lovingly creates works of art that are enjoyed by people around the globe. Our designs are sold in over 500 locations across North America, Europe, and South Africa. So no matter where you are, we have such confidence in our quality that every piece is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Every single one of our designs is lovingly made by the hands of our Canadian designers with one goal in mind: to add a touch of flair to your wardrobe, and your life. We’ve been enjoying our pieces for years, and we know that once you make one yours, you’ll understand why.